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Join Our Roster of History Professionals

OUR MISSION:  Preserving Native and African American history and supporting the creative and academic professionals in the state of Virginia dedicated to that cause. Our history professionals have three main ideals that we strive for; Firstly - We are passionate for and commited to our own creative and professional disciplines; Secondly - We are commited to the telling of American history in the complete context and reject the narrative told in separate-but-equal parts and Lastly - We are committed to repairing and building a spirit of cooperation and mutual support in the community of history professionals. What is your disciple? We have a place here for you.

"No tree has branches

so foolish as to 

fight amongst


~  Native American Proverb

Performing Artists

Cllick here to find Virginia's most comprehensive roster of living history performers, actors, storytellers, poets, rappers, MC.'s, dancers and drummers.


Look here to find some of the most renowned history scholars in the nation. Many are also published authors and speakers.  


We have the most comprehensive roster of authors based in Virginia who have published books on African-American and Native American History 


The playwrights listed here are committed to producing stories for the stage and screen that support the accurate portrayal of African and Native people.  


Are you a geneaologist or are you interested in tracing the geneaology of your family heritage? Look here to find the experts in document reseach and oral history.

Media Professionals

Media Professionals in print, radio and television play an important role in telling the history of African American and Native history.  

Join Our Team

We strongly encourage all members and visitors to find and join an organization listed here to help preserve and amplify Native and African American history.

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