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Join us as we embark on this important mission 

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL - is to expand what is now known as Virginia's Historical Triangle to a Diamond, making Fort Monroe the fourth corner. Fort Monroe holds an equally rich history inclusive of the Native and African demographics which have been largely left out of the telling of Virginia and American History. It (Fort Monroe) is not only the place where the first Africans were brought to America in 1619 to become slaves, it is also the location where two hundred years later, slaves found refuge from thier masters and were protected by the Contraband Clause. Native and African American History is American History and the telling of that history in separate-but-equal parts is outdated and unproductive. We wish to make Fort Monroe a global center for the study of North American slavery and the accomplishments made by Native and African Americans since slavery. We seek to take our place as the primary narrators of that history and the equitable dstribution of funding to preserve and magnify that history.

"Displacing African Studies outside of Africa and emptying it

of any transformative potential, obscures its revolutionary legacy

and coverts it into an impotent banal field."

~ Haythem Guesmi (from his essay "The Gentrification of African Studies")

Project 1. Membership

We need your help by encouraging all those you know who have a passion for the preservation and the amplification of Native and African American history to join this organization.

Project 2. Launch

Our Goal is to launch this organizations web site on February 15, 2019.  We need everyone interested in the presevation and amplification of Native and African American history to join us by contributing your time, talent and treasure to make it happen.

Project 3. 1st Annual Conference

We are confident with the support of the private and business community that we can organize and hold the 1st Annual Conference of African Native History Professionals in December of 2020.

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